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Managing your mobile plan information was never this easy.

In early 2016, TIM Brasil came after Fjord asking us to reduce their call-center costs by redesigning their mobile app. We did a little bit more than that.

By completely redesigning the app’s user experience, we were able to not only reduce the number of calls to their call-centers but to increase their revenue with complementary services sales.

First, we interviewed people from the call-center so we could learn and understand their pain. Then we got our hands dirty and went there to listen to a handful of calls so we could feel exactly how it feels like dealing with customers’ requests – no good, seriously.

Then it was time to know the other side of the story: talking to the customers. We interviewed a few of them and released an online survey to catch more data about their habits, pains and expectations. We learned a lot about them and finally felt able to get in their shoes.

This process helped us to come up with a set of simple but powerful drivers that would guide us towards a coherent design solution.


Clear and precise information, eveytime


To every bit of information, a suggested action


Know the user, act contextually

in its right place

After doing our research and defining our drivers, we finally got to the fun part of the job: our Design phase! :)

Our focus was to keep things neatly organized and in its right place so users always know where to go when they need any specific information or want to perform any specific task.

Given our initial challenge of reducing the costs with call-center, making information accessible and easy to understand was key for our success.

We designed with that in mind, always providing layers of information in every page – from the most detailed to the most generic. By doing so, we assured users will get always the information they need first and then, if they need additional information, they’ll have access to the means to get it.

Here’s a breakdown of how the Talk Time Consumption Details looks like:

The home page – your usage info at a glance

In a similar approach, we decided to make the home page of the app as simple and straight-to-the-point as possible. We striped out all the fancy cross/upselling marketing banners, generic communication messages, as well as all the information that was less than crucial for the users.

Instead, we opted to feature consumption cards showing a summary of the most relevant information from the Consumption Detail pages.

We’ve achieved
outstanding results

Only 6 months after releasing the new Meu TIM in May 2016, the number of active users escalated from 60k to 3M – a whopping 5000% increase, impressive for a period this short.

The number of call-center calls went down by 6%, and for the first time the self-service support tickets outnumbered the traditional customer support.

The app got the market’s attention as well, as it won the Golden Prize at ABEMD 2017 – an important Digital Marketing Association prize in Brazil.

None of this would be possible without these guys

André Vicente
Service Designer

Milena Mariano
Service & Interaction Designer

Marcelle Soldá
Program Manager

Jader Rubini
Yours truly, Product Designer

Roger Nery
Visual Designer

But don't take my word for it

Download Meu TIM and experience it for yourself. Available both on iOS and Android.

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